bangaloREsidents 2022-airport © Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan

bangaloREsidency 2024: October 6 to November 30
Application deadline: April 1
Selection announcement: May 15


Applications are invited from artists living and working in Germany, fluent in both German and English, and looking for a stint in an expanding global metropolis like Bangalore to complete or complement a particular art project. The precise reasons underlying the desire to pursue an artistic project in a city like Bangalore should be specified. We are particularly interested in applications from artists who belong to (or work closely with) an institution in Germany that is open to and has the infrastructure for a reciprocal engagement with Indian artists, under the bangaloREsidency-Expanded programme.

The host organisation offers the freedom to create in an ambience conducive to innovation and expression, as also the freedom from everyday mundane routine.

Tips for applicants

We would like to help German artists, in particular those who have perhaps never been to India, to get integrated into daily life in this country, and gain an understanding of the culture. Our attempt is to make sure our guest artists are able to work productively in the local environment and realise their artistic project together with their Indian counterparts.

1. Check whether you are able to arrive in Bangalore on the required date, as the start of the bangaloREsidency is, as a rule, fixed and cannot be negotiated.

2. India is developing dynamically in the cultural field as well. The bangaloREsident profile desired by the the hosts could change suddenly and without notice. It is therefore recommended that interested artists send in their applications shortly before the deadline, after checking the host pages at the last minute for any changes.

Applicants stand the best chance if it is apparent that they have understood the requirement of the host.


1. Are you interested in India?

2. Are you free during the announced timeframe and can invest six to eight weeks of your time?

3. Read the final reports of former bangaloREsidents (on their profile pages on this site), our Newsletter and the profiles of your favourite hosts to help arrive at a decision.

4. Submit your application here.