The bangaloREsidency takes place once in two years and runs for two months. It typically kicks off with an orientation tour to the primary cultural watering holes of the City - the ideal way to get to know us, each other and the hosts. 

The Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan will bear economy return airfare from Germany to Bangalore and accommodation during the bangaloREsidency, in collaboration with the local host organisation. International health insurance has to be obtained and borne by the artist. We offer a daily maintenance stipend of 15 €, which will adequately cover daily board and routine expenses, but not rent and related costs in Germany. We also offer a production budget of 1500 €. The budget should be in snyc with the proposed project and comply with the guidelines that will be communicated to the resident after arrival. If the selected candidate is receiving funding from other sources, he/she/they is/are obliged to inform us and the terms will be adapted accordingly.

At the beginning of the bangaloREsidency, the residents will be expected to make a public Pecha Kucha-style (i.e. short, tight, largely image-oriented with a strict time limit of 7 minutes)  presentation in English, offering an insight into their practice and if desired also the proposed project in Bangalore. Although it is not mandatory that the project should be completed during the duration of the bangaloREsidency, a short "open studio" towards the end, giving an indication of activities during the residency, is mandatory. This event should provide glimpses into the outcome of the bangaloREsidency. On completion of the bangaloREsidency, a brief report for our online Archive is required and if this is submitted within a month from the end of the residency, the visa fees will be reimbursed. This report, as well as all texts for the website, should be submitted in English and German. If required, the English part can be proof-read by us before it is uploaded.

The host organisation will extend all possible technical support, but applicants should be aware that circumstances could be different in India and should be prepared to adapt and deal creatively with potential challenges in terms of resources and materials. A local SIM card will be provided but it is recommended that the candidates travel with a relatively up-to-date smart phone so that communication and commuting in the city are facilitated.

As well as pursuing his/her/their own project, the incumbent will be expected to interact with the local art world as one of the objectives of the bangaloREsidency is to offer the local art community a fresh perspective and creative input from abroad, as well as to initiate a sustained dialogue and exchange of ideas and opinions, one that will reach beyond the period of the bangaloREsidency.

Extended travel in India, outside of the residency city, should be planned before or after the period of the residency. Per diems will not be calculated for any time spent out in other locations.


malleshwaram walk © Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Bangalore


  • is a platform for productive exchange between German artists and Bangalore’s culturati

  • is non “site“ specific – hosts organise accommodation

  • is participative – hosts play an active role

  • is born of the City – reflects the incubative character of Bangalore

  • is open to artists of all persuasions, living and working in Germany

  • offers fresh perspectives

  • is quality par excellence

  • is talk of the town

  • is enhancement to a CV

  • is ideal for India-novices

  • is sustainable

  • invites follow-up

  • allows replays/return visits

  • is expanding

  • is progressive