Leo Ahlers
bangaloREsident@Sandbox Collective

Leo Ahlers © Leo Ahlers Leo Ahlers is a multimedia Artist, working on affection between individual perception and collective construction. Everything that sparks emotion – whatever kind – is relevant, important to be made the subject of aesthetic reflection, processed and passed on in a different form.

The hope in collective forms of expression to develop non-totalitarian ideas on living together provides the backdrop for Leo’s work. Form varies according to context. In the past Leo, has worked a lot with film as a medium but also incorporated different media such as photography, electronic media and performance, often combining them in the attempt to create suitable scenarios for collective expression.

It is the play with the possibilities, the “ongoingness” and dynamic of social processes, the painful confrontation of imagination, need and the perception of hyperaccelerated reality in the 21st century which demands a procedural form of expression.

During their bangaloREsidency Leo will work with Sandbox Collective on the subject of gender within the broader question of how the world could be focusing on the queer community in Bangalore.

What are the dreams and hopes in question? What are the demands and what resistance do they meet? Leo believes that working in the context, in close cooperation with the queer community can be a fruitful ground for the development of a sociopolitical time-image, that can also provide room for subjective experiences. Other local groups as well as other artists are welcome to join the process.

Final report