Sandra Havlicek

Sandra Havlicek Sandra Havlicek Sandra Havlicek studied at the University of Art and Design Offenbach and at the Städelschule in Frankfurt, where she graduated with Prof. Tobias Rehberger. She received a scholarship from the German National Academic Foundation and was awarded the EXTRACT art prize by the KUNSTFORENINGEN GLStrand in Copenhagen. Havlicek has been part of the artist collective HazMatLab since 2016, which she founded together with Katharina Schücke and Tina Kohlmann. She lives and works in Frankfurt.

Her sculptural works and installations develop from questions relating to architecture and everyday objects. She questions social role patterns of function and dysfunction and focuses on the relationship between people and built structures and their mutual influence. This relationship is created through material associations and culturally influenced viewing habits, which are taken up and distorted in Havlicek's works. Implementing flexibility, movement and transformation to static elements are central themes in her artistic practice.

Sandra Havlicek is interested in the relationship between the citizens and their metropolis Bangalore and how they influence each other within an increasing use of technology. Technology, architecture and people form a system of content-related and formal relationships with one another. Sandra Havlicek plans to examine how and where these contents and forms become visible on site: the complex interlocking of materials, gestures, objects and symbols, as well as the communication and miscommunication of these elements with one another. The artist is also interested in traditional methods of building houses out of clay and the outdated feeling of being able to build one's own accommodation.

This residency is supported by basis e.v.

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