Intercultural Training for students
Customer feed back - 2021

Intercultural training ©Goethe-Institut

I simply loved learning about the concept of time and communication styles.  I liked the case studies that gave me an opportunity to apply what I have learned.
Sanika Tipre, Student - Data Science, Statistics

My take-away would be "why they behave so" and I loved the flow of the topics in the workshop.
Shivkumar Samalad

I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and it was very informative. I liked analyzing case studies to figure out the cause of conflict and watching the short video clips.
Smayan Ravikumar Kartha

I liked how so many aspects were covered in order to make us understand the cultural differences like perception of time, academic expectation, historical influences, etc and I loved the case studies.
Trisha Shetty 

My take-away from the workshop would be to not take anything for granted.
Mohit Palnitkar