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ScissorsPhoto: Jude Beck/Unsplash, edited by Lena Kuhnt

Culture Tips from our Program Coordinators
Custom Culture

Have you ever wondered what Germany’s cultural scene has to offer? Some of the Goethe-Institut’s program coordinators in North America offer their insight into ongoing discourses and reveal hidden gems in this blog.



Jutta Brendemuhl photo © Michelle Kay


Jutta is a curator and writer with a global lens.
The trained book editor has a master’s in political poetry and specializes in film and media arts. Jutta programs for EUFFTO, Toronto Arab Film Festival, and the Goethe-Institut Toronto.
Daniel Chaffey © Khalid Farquharson

Daniel Chaffey

As the Goethe-Institut Los Angeles’ Program Coordinator and the Festival Coordinator for the German Currents Film Festival, Daniel is either watching a German film, or talking about why you should be.
Raleigh Joyner © Raleigh Joyner

Raleigh Joyner

Raleigh is the Cultural Programming Coordinator at the Goethe-Institut Washington. In most of his projects, he enjoys engaging with film, literature, television, and radio.
Annette Klein © Mark Römisch

Annette Klein

Annette, program curator at the Goethe-Institut Boston, grew up German in America, with solid classical music training and homemade Brot. Her fascination with experimental music/art sprouted while living and performing in the vibrant Berlin of the ’90s.

Lena Kuhnt © Jason Langley

Lena Kuhnt

We live in a new era defined by heightened awareness of physicality and space. What does this mean for the theatre? Lena of the Goethe-Institut in DC reflects on the status quo and its impact on Germany’s performing arts scene.

Pari Ludin © Pari Ludin

Pari Ludin

Pari is a German-born Canadian of Afghan descent and works at the Goethe-Insitut Toronto. Through her blog, she takes a look at hidden music gems from Germany you may not know about – but should!

Karin Oehlenschläger © Mark Römisch

Karin Oehlenschläger

Writing from one of America’s most European cities, Goethe Boston program curator Karin focuses on the transatlantic relationship. As a former reporter for RIAS TV (Radio in the American Sector), Karin witnessed the Fall of the Wall in Berlin and can’t believe it’s been 30 years.

Julia Pataky © Julia Pataky

Julia Pataky

As the program coordinator at Goethe Pop Up Kansas City and a lifelong Wiener Schnitzel connoisseur from Vienna, Austria, Julia explores what the German culinary scene in the Midwest has to offer.

Bettina Wodianka © Philip Böni

Bettina Wodianka

Bettina curates the cultural program at the Goethe-Institut San Francisco. She is passionate about artistic interventions that playfully reflect the relationship between content and form.