Karstein Volle

Karstein Volle - Norway - Changing the picture 1 Gallery Karstein Volle Karstein Volle - Norway - Changing the picture 1 | Illustration: © Karstein Volle

“Those refugees look dangerous”

I started thinking about changing pictures and it occurred to me that the picture has already been changed.
The immigration debate takes up all the airwaves, while issues that impede upon most people´s lives are left ignored.
The immigration debate feels like a sideshow everyone looks at while public assets are moved onto corporate hands constantly, without anyone speaking up.

“Here be dragons”

About the politics of fear.
It guarantees we are separated and can never organize and better our own situation. The only thing we are told to fear are the ones less fortunate than us. 


One aspect of social media is that it lowers the bar to let it all hang out.
It feels like the collective Id is completely out in the open and the decorum that we used to keep in public forums has been left by the wayside.
To utter hateful opinions has become part of the discourse and it feels like the current narrative makes it harder to react against it. To protest against bigotry has been packaged as censorship and the newfound freedom to broadcast whatever trumps freedom from harassment.