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The Language Magician
Assessment through gaming

The Language Magician

The computer game The Language Musicician was developed by ten European partners, led by the Goethe-Institut London, for schools and teachers, in order to test the language progress of pupils - through gaming, fun, adventure and magic! English, German, French, Italien and Spanish as a foreign language can be tested. The instructions, explanations and storyline are available in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish. The teacher can change the language being tested and the instruction language for every session. ​

The storyline of the game centres on a young student magician striving to liberate his animal friends from the evil magician Winivil’s curse, which has transformed all animals into doorknockers. The pupils create their own magician-avatar before starting to play and will dive into a magic world of fun, excitement and full of surprises.

Access to the game
Registration for teachers


Please find the Lyrics translated in all partner languages here:  Please find a suggestion on how to use THE LANGUAGE MAGICIAN Sing Along in the classroom here:  All the following videos can also be found on the Goethe-Institut London YouTube Channel. The following versions can also be downloaded.

1. THE LANGUAGE MAGICIAN PLAY – Where is Crocodile?

SPANISH Explanations on how to use the play in the classroom are in the pdf.


GERMAN ENGLISH ITALIAN SPANISH Explanation on how to use the play in the classroom are in the pdf.

3. Winivil Stories


4. THE LANGUAGE MAGICIAN Song – Suggestions for activities


5. Pictures and Words

ENGLISH Translations into the other partner languages will be available soon.

The Language Magician Team is continuously working on additional materials that can be used with pupils to complement the assessment tool. We are sure that many teachers will also have ideas for other classroom resources. If you feel like sharing materials with our community of teachers and users, please forward them to infos@thelanguagemagician.net or to TLM-information@goethe.de. We will add them in this section and make sure that all our users can gain access to them.

Please note that for Spanish and French, the respective partners have already created platforms where teachers of the respective language can share resources and materials. Both of them require users to create an Account. Location for TLM resources for teaching French on the IFProfs website Location for TLM resources for teaching Spanish on the platform AULA EXTERIOR : ACCESS, once registered an email will be sent within a week to access this website: AULA EXTERIOR.

Tweaking THE LANGUAGE MAGICIAN – A Workshop by Steven Fawkes



PAD Seal THE LANGUAGE MAGICIAN, an Erasmus+ project of the Goethe-Institut London and strategic partners from the UK, Spain, Italy and Germany, has just been awarded the Erasmus+ Quality Seal in the schools sector and also been marked as good practice project on the Erasmus+ project results platform. The aim is to give other Erasmus+ applicants useful ideas how to create an efficient, meaningful, and lasting Erasmus+ project in the schools sector.
This is an amazingly successful project, which addresses in exemplary fashion the priorities of the Erasmus+ program, according to the final evaluation by the respective national agency (PAD). It contributes highly significantly to the aims of strategy Europe 2020 as, thanks to the produced results, it already fosters learning languages for primary school children and thus sets the foundation for improved learning results at a later stage in this educational sector.


The Language Magician
Goethe-Institut London
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in UK, Germany, Italy and Spain:
University for Foreigners of Perugia ALL CEP Norte de Tenerife
Consejería de Educación, UK Regionalstelle des spanischen Bildungsministeriums in Rioja University Leipzig
University of Reading Ausländer Universität Siena Universität Westminster