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Liz Roche | Mitbegründerin und Intendantin, Liz Roche Company

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(c) Goethe-Institut Irland

Goethe-Institut Irland approached me and my dance company to make a new work, Näher..closer, nearer, sooner for the 2018 opening of their new building on Merrion Square. From the start they were a brilliant team, full of energy and enthusiasm, realistic about what was possible but also really supportive in trying to realise the vision for the piece as it grew and grew. I felt that they were on the side of the piece from day one and that made all the difference when things got complicated, as they always do in the creation of original work. By the time the show opened, we felt like old friends.
Liz Roche - Näher 2018 (c) photo by Luca Truffarelli Liz Roche - Näher 2018 (c) photo by Luca Truffarelli Liz Roche - Näher 2018 (c) photo by Luca Truffarelli Looking back, the support the organisation showed the piece in every way made it a better piece. As artists, we as a company could explore further and deeper in the knowledge that this was an open, fun, sincere and adventurous space for the dance to happen in. Personally, I took creative risks in this piece in a way that I hadn't done previously. Venturing deep into text and site, I resonated with poetry, memory and issues of the heart, all of which were made possible in this special space. 

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No 2: KévinCoquelard (foreground) Henry Montes, Finola Cronin (background) 
No.3: Henry Montes 
No 4: Henry Montes, Finola Cronin (foreground) KévinCoquelard, Anne-Laure Dogot (background) 

Luca Truffarelli