Anton Kats
bangaloREsident@Pepper house

Anton Kats (b.1983, Ukraine) is an artist, musician and dancer, living and working in Berlin, Germany.

Anton's practice derives from informal everyday relationships within a vibrant neighbourhood in Kherson, Ukraine and is complemented through necessity and pragmatics of self-legalisation in Europe via entering formal institutions of education. After attending Masters programmes in Art in Context at the University of Arts Berlin and Interactive Media: Critical Theory and Practice at Goldsmiths College, Kats finalised his studies through a practice-based Ph.D. at Goldsmiths, University of London. In 2016, Kats was invited to join the aneducation team of documenta14 as an artist where he initiated the Narrowcast House and the A-Letheia projects.

Bridges without Rivers  Anton Kats © Igor Kritskiy

During his residency at Pepper House in Kochi, Anton draws on the methodologies of Radio Narrowcasts and Sound Spaces that he has been developing collaboratively at the Studio 174 in Kingston, Jamaica; Serpentine Galleries, Tate Britain and Tate Modern in London UK and during documenta14 in Athens and Kassel.
The peculiarity of the project consists in proposing a new global artistic work developed between two shipyards located in Kherson, Ukraine and in Kochi, India. The project consists of two parts. The first part manifests through a fieldwork journey to Kherson in July and artistic interventions and research on site at the shipyard. The first part of the work draws on the interplay between a progressive re-emergence of silence on site after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the gradual disappearance of material and immaterial infrastructures after the bankruptcy of the shipyard, due to recent military interventions in the region.
This audio-visual dimension of the work will be reflected and developed further in the second part of the project during the bangaloREsidency@Pepper House, in respect to the Cochin Shipyard, the largest maintenance and shipbuilding facility in India.
Anton’s aim is to use the residency to transform it into an ambiguous open studio and a collaborative working environment, activated through daily routines and a series of interactive performances and events including screenings, live music scores and audio-visual installations.
Here the motivation of the project is to suggest and experience a peculiar mode of art practice with a long-term impact of the work manifested in the embodied criticism of disposition towards “bridge building” symptomatic for artistic production. Accordingly, the project will favour a collective and collaborative allocation of streams, rivers and energies at present.

Final Report