Benjamin Brix
bangaloResident@Sandbox Collective

Born and raised 1979 in Bayreuth, Ben Brix lives in Berlin working as videoartist, cinematographer, camera man and media technician.

Benjamin Brix © Benjamin Brix From sculpting which he has been doing since 2001 in Berlin, he began to study product design in 2005 at the art school in Kassel. 2008 he changed to the class of virtual realities of Bjørn Melhus and started to study video art. In 2009 he studied for one year at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna in the class of Constanze Rhum. 2013 he finished his studies in Kassel and moved back to Berlin. His final work was shown in Prag from the Start Point Price. Since then he has worked as DOP for several artists and filmmakers, such as Bjørn Melhus, Marco Brambilla, Hiwa K, Theo Eshetu and many more.

Since 2010, he has also worked as video artist for several theatre productions of Felix M. Ott, creating the visuals shown on stage to support the piece. A short film “Emptylands” that he created with Felix M. Ott and Steffen Martin was also the base to a piece of Felix M. Ott, and also won the “Goldener Herkules” prize in Kassel in 2013.

Since 2012 his artistic work deals with the observation and use of moving image to fathom out the area between pure documentation and fiction.The credibility of images and how they create meaning is a central topic of his work.

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