Joscha Steffens

Joscha Steffens - Portrait © Joscha Steffens The works of Joscha Steffens deal with virtual and analogue war games. These phenomena point to a shift in the culture of war: As the increasingly one-sided virtuality becomes reality in our present-day warfare, these games express a lack and an existential need for the physicality of fight, even though the killing in here – contrary to the deadly clicks of a drone pilot – remains a game.

Joscha will be part of Jaaga's pioneering public art project in Bangalore: Urban Pastures. The vision of this project is to introduce contemporary art at 50 new bus shelters being installed within one specific constituency in North Bangalore. The project presents a tremendous opportunity for art, in this case photography, to occupy an unusual public canvas within city space. A space that is accessible visually to all strata of society and represents a mini-ecosystem.

Final Report