Karin Apollonia Müller
bangaloREsident@1 Shanthi Road

BangaloREsident@1 Shanthi Road, Karin Apollonia Müller was born in Heidelberg, Germany. She holds a Masters in Film and Photography from The Folkwang School, Essen, Germany.
She has received numerous awards and fellowships, among them a Villa Aurora Grant at the Feuchtwanger House in Pacific Palisades, CA, USA and an artist commission from the Getty/CAL Arts Grant, Los Angeles, CA, USA.
She is represented by Diane Rosenstein Fine Art in Los Angeles and Julie Saul Gallery in New York. Her work is exhibited continuously in solo and group shows across the United States and Europe. Her work has been placed in the collections of The Museum of Modern Art, New York; The Whitney Museum, New York; LACMA, Los Angeles, among others. The latest aquisition this year is from Soho House, London. She has published four monographs, Angels in Fall, On Edge, Timbercove and Gate.

Karin Apollonia Müller © Karin Apollonia Müller Karin Apollonia Müller's primary focus has been how man interacts and struggles to fit into the urban and natural landscape. She hopes her work will be seen as continuing to ask the timeless questions of who we are, where we are and what we are.
In her early work Karin Apollonia Müller used the tool of documentary photography. She has been dealing with her notion of the disconnection of human being to their urban environment. She is interested in how man interacts and struggles to fit in to the urban and natural landscape. She defines the concept of “urban landscape.” Furthermore, she has been concentrating on photographing away from cities, in more remote areas, to try to understand fundamental relationships of things in nature.
Lately, Karin Apollonia Müller has delved deeper by using found images on a macro and microscopic scale. This formal basis allows her to explore and document deeper her notion of the relationship between the human being and the world; it also allows her to enter a world of her imagination and come closer to her idea of Eden.
Currently she is doing research on cells and cell structures. A cell is the container of information as to who we are and where we have begun. Here she would like to explore the very beginning of creation myths and the science and stories of how we - human, animal and landscape - have evolved over time.
In Bangalore, Karin Apollonia Müller will investigate even further her notion of “Landscape” and her idea of “Eden”. This time – The Orient – curious and excited about a new adventure and definition.

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