Rachel Lee

Rachel Lee, bangaloREsident@MOD, who is based at the Habitat Unit of the TU Berlin, works at the interface between architectural and urban research, teaching, curating and art practice. She has been engaging with India’s historic built environment since 1998, when she surveyed Chemrey monastery in Ladakh. Rachel Lee Photo: Rachel Lee While always an important aspect of her interdisciplinary work, urban heritage has recently become its main focus.

Her current projects investigate curating and communicating heritage ‘from below’ in different cultural contexts, including Berlin and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. 

Together with local actors and activists in Bangalore Rachel Lee will be working on an augmented reality heritage app during the residency. The app will use vintage photos of Bangalore to guide people through the city, providing historical insights and anecdotes, and an innovative way of engaging with the Garden City’s past.

Final Report