Juliane Tübke
bangaloREsident@Pepper House

Juliane Tübke first studied African art history at the Free University Berlin and later Fine Arts at the University of Arts Berlin and the School of Visual Arts New York.

Juliane Tübke - Profile © Rosanna Graf In 2018, she completed her diploma in the class of Monica Bonvicini and received the President‘s Fine Arts Award for her show "tentare", which explored the idea that material can have agency. In the same year, she was artist-in-resident in Beirut supported by the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service). Further, she was selected to participate in the Liebermann Villa Emerging Artist Programme organised by the British Council, UK/Germany 2018.
Her recent project “tentare” is a compilation of different photographs that reveal her attempts to develop a sense for stone as a material.
The word “tentare” (lat.) means both “to feel” and “to try”. The basis of these works is a type of paper, which is used in archaeology to assist in deciphering unearthed stone inscriptions. With the help of a special technique, she examines the qualities of different stony surfaces. But rather than focusing on the text, she prioritises the material itself as co-creator of the final image. "tentare" is thus an attempt to approach a material that appears to passively wait to be shaped by the human hand or to gain meaning through our intervention. How could one think of the material itself as an actor?
tentare - Kochi

After working mainly with photographic images, Juliane recently became interested in exploring architectural space and the body through sculpture. During her residency at Pepper House in Kochi, Juliane will develop a new project dealing with Kochi city’s architecture. After taking imprints of Kochi’s architectural surfaces, Juliane will incorporate them into a site-specific installation. These imprints carry the residue of human touch left over many years. What does it mean to be touched by a surrounding? How do these traces of memory speak to us and how do we speak to them?

This residency is organised with the generous support of Malabar Escapes.

Final Report