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Starting a GAVE exchange

Learn how to start a GAVE (German-American Virtual Exchange) at your school using the free resources GAPP has to offer, including materials for all phases of your exchange, and technology stipends to support your GAVE.

GAVE at a glance

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Plan your exchange

Teacher with students © Colourbox The GAVE Program is divided into several phases: preparation phase, exchange phase, and the reflection and conclusion phase. We provide materials to support you in each of them. To get started join one of our upcoming webinars, explore the GAVE exchange materials, and register your exchange

GAVE Webinars

In this webinar you will learn how a GAVE enables you to offer your students a cultural exchange with a partner school in Germany without travelling, and about the framework, materials, and support available to teachers in this free program.

Preparation materials

These resources will help you plan and prepare you and your students for the cross-cultural exchange experience.

Student Recruitment

Download this flyer to help recruit students for your GAVE.

GAVE student flyer

Register your exchange

Woman on video call © Colourbox Are you a teacher in the U.S. leading or planning to start a GAVE exchange?
Register Now On the registration form you can:

  • Submit information about your school and partner school in Germany*,
  • Apply for a technology stipend of up to $1,000 for equipment or platform subscriptions needed for your exchange (to apply, please fill out the cooperation agreement and upload it with the form.)
*If are looking for a partner school to start your virtual exchange with, please visit Partnerschulnetz.de to search interested schools and create a school profile.

Schools in Germany:
If you are a school in Germany looking to take part in the GAVE program and need information about how to partner with an American school or have questions about launching, participation, or grants, please visit Kultusminister Konferenz Pädagogischer Austauschdienst.

Virtual exchange materials

Teacher and students © Colourbox

Preparation materials

These resources will help you plan and prepare you and your students for the cross-cultural exchange experience.

Exchange topics

The GAVE program is divided into student-centered topics that include introductory tasks and more in-depth exchange tasks. Topics include Music, Food, Sustainability, Sports and more!

Reflection materials

The culmination of the exchange experience involves reflecting on the program and meeting with your exchange partners as a group to present your projects. Our materials will guide you through this phase.

Special topics and virtual programs

GAPP offers special exchange topics and virtual programs to engage your students across a variety of interests. Why not try one of them?

Documentation and feedback

In order to receive certificates of participation we ask you to send us a documentation form along with samples of student work. We also welcome your feedback to improve GAVE.