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das goethe

1/2020 – “Tell me about Europe”

“das goethe” is the Goethe-Institut’s cultural magazine. It appears twice a year as an insert in the weekly newspaper “Die Zeit”.

Tell me about Europe

Experiences of war, oppression and flight in Europe: In the project “Tell me about Europe” contemporary witnesses, born before 1945, tell about their lives and – and reflect critically on their history against the background of the European idea.

The project “Tell me about Europe” is based on the “European Archive of Voices” of the group “Arbeit an Europa”. Upon completion, the archive will include a number of interviews with European contemporary witnesses, born before 1945.

Entire issue

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Previous online issues

das goethe 2/2019 Art Directors & TRIP/Alamy Stock Foto

“das goethe” 2/2019 - web errors

2/2019 – web errors

“das goethe” is the Goethe-Institut’s cultural magazine. It appears twice a year as an insert in the weekly newspaper “Die Zeit”.

Printed editions of “das goethe”

das goethe 2/2019 © Art Directors & TRIP/Alarmy Stock Foto

das goethe 2/2019

The eighth issue of das goethe is devoted to the theme of the “digital civil society” with articles about, for example, digital colonialism, about “Wiki Loves Women,” a diverse scene of independent online media in Russia and an artwork by Julia Steinigeweg.

das goethe 1/2019 © Goethe-Instiut

das goethe 1/2019

The seventh edition of “das goethe“ is dedicated to the theme “Cultures of Equality.” With contributions by, among others, the philosopher Philipp Hübl on the moral of the machine, an essay by anthropologist Dina Makram-Ebeid on the feminism debates north and south of the Mediterranean, a report by Klaus Bardenhagen on queer Taiwan and an interview with the director of the Museo Nacional de Etnografía y Folklore in La Paz, Elvira Espejo.

das goethe 2/2018 © Goethe-Institut

das goethe 2/2018

The sixth edition of “das goethe“ is dedicated to the topic of freedom. It features contributions from, among others, Pulitzer Prize winner David K. Shipler, Angolan writer Ondjaki, and a critical survey of populism by the Polish journalists Jaroslaw Kuisz and Karolina Wigura.


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