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From all around the world, young students have the opportunity to not only get to know the work of the Goethe-Institutes as an intern, but also to immerse themselves in another country and a new culture. We wanted to know: how do our interns experience their time abroad? What does a normal day at the Goethe-Institut look like? And how do the experiences differ at our locations around the globe?

This summer, Carolin in Mexico City, Hans in Washington D.C. and Isabel in Toronto are going to give us glimpses into their internships and answer a weekly question.

Isabel Spoerl ©Isabel Spoerl Isabel, 24, is from a village close to Munich and studied North American Studies at the LMU in Munich. She spends her free time outdoors hiking, playing volleyball, skiing or snowboarding. During her semester breaks, she loves to travel.

After a semester studying on Canada’s west coast, Isabel knew she wanted to come back to Canada and applied for an internship in Toronto. Besides, it thematically fits her studies. Both the people and nature make Canada a special place for Isabel.

Hans Allner, Praktikant am Goethe-Institut Washington ©Hans Allner Hans, 22, is from Leipzig. When he is not an intern at the Goethe-Institut Washington, he is studying English and cultural studies at the University of Leipzig. To start his day off right, Hans relies on good music, a healthy dose of humour and fresh air.

The choice of Washington D.C. was an easy one for Hans since the city has a lot to offer culturally and he’s hoping to collect many new experiences both personally and professionally.
Carolin Brejc ©Carolin Brejc Carolin, 23, is from Freising, near Munich. She studied International Culture and Business in Passau and wants to go to Amsterdam for her Masters.

Carolin is interested in exploring different cultures not only through her studies but she also loves traveling.Ever since her semester abroad in Chile and her travels through Argentina, Peru and Bolivia, she has become a big fan of Latin America, which is why she applied for an internship at the Goethe-Institut in Mexico.

Instagram of the week

Every week, we ask our interns on Instagram – the interns use photographs and comments to answer. You can see read about the questions here and on our Instagram channel of Washington, D.C.

Questions of the previous weeks
The question of the week: What are the best ways of coping with summer in North America ? 


Hans (Washington, D.C.): "The best way to deal with hot days is to put on your swimming trunks, go to the community pool and – ideally – enjoy a delicious strawberry ice-cream with cream and sprinkles. Nonetheless, you should always have a sweater with you at work because most air-con systems here are on a very cold setting."

Isabel (Toronto): "Grab an iced coffee and head to the beach, to Toronto Islands or one of the many parks in Toronto! Of course, you have really hit the jackpot if you have Canadian friends with a cottage by the lake, as that’s the best place to survive the heat. ;)"

Carolin (Mexico City): "Sadly I didn’t really experience hot summer months here, as June to September is the rainy season in Mexico City. The best way to cope is never to leave the house without an umbrella – as it can rain suddenly and very heavily in the afternoons."

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