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Meet Our New Interns - Season 3

  Our new interns (left to right): Julia, Aylin, Johanna, Eva, Annika, Lara © Giang Bui
It is the start of a new year at the Goethe-Insitut in Washington, DC and we have welcomed new interns from all over Germany to our office. In the third season of our Goethe Intern series, be prepared for entertaining behind-the-scenes action and thrilling Insta-glimpses into the lives of our interns. Who are they? What are they doing? Why are they here? All these questions and many more will be answered. One thing is certain: all of them are excited to spend three months in DC and explore everything the capital has to offer – from countless free museums to mouth-watering cupcakes – the possibilities are limitless.

Annika ©Goethe-Institut Annika is an intern for the „Transatlantic Outreach Program” (TOP) at the Goethe-Institut Washington. Since her first year abroad at a high school in New Jersey, Annika has kept coming back to the US. She is currently pursuing a graduate degree in North American Studies in Cologne. She is also known for traveling throughout the US on road trips, always packing lightly. Now, she is glad to live and work in Washington for a longer period. In particular, she is looking forward to all the trips around the Washington area such as Chesapeake Bay, Great Falls Park, and the many museums and diners in DC. Three things she cannot live without: “Coffee, chocolate, books.”
Aylin ©Goethe-Institut Aylin is a Cultural Programs Intern at the Goethe-Institut Washington. As a cultural studies graduate from Hildesheim, she is passionate about promoting cultural exchange. Inspired by a year abroad in Istanbul, she started writing for an online nonprofit magazine called MAVIBLAU, which focuses on German-Turkish exchange. In DC, Aylin is excited to experience all the cultural events that the Goethe-Institut and the artsy city have to offer. The highlight of her time in DC so far was her participation in the Women’s March on January 19th. Three things she cannot live without: “If we were to be honest, I would say, oxygen, food, and sleep.”
Eva ©Goethe-Institut Eva is an intern for the Education Outreach Program at the Goethe-Institut Washington. She clearly has a talent for languages: in Münster, she is pursuing a Master of Education in Spanish, Sociology, and teaching German as a second language. Her work at the Goethe-Institut allows her to dive into the work environment of the American capital. As she is involved in diverse projects to support German as a foreign language in the US, she regularly reaches out to local schools and teachers. This is of particular interest for her since she will be an intern at a high school in Minnesota starting this August. One of her goals during her time here is to bring Münster’s bicycle madness to Washington. She is also hoping to practice her salsa skills in Arlington, where she lives right now. Three things she cannot live without: “Coffee, friends, long walks.”
Lara ©Goethe-Institut Lara is an intern in the editorial department of the Goethe-Institut Washington, which means she is responsible for the content management of our social media channels and the website. While she was born and raised on the coast of Nordfriesland, Germany’s far north, she is now pursuing an undergraduate degree in North American Studies in Berlin. In DC, the striving journalist is looking forward to diving into the work in an editorial department and using her creativity. Her bucket list includes an ice hockey game, the Newseum, and a typical American diner. She also aims to find vintage book stores and cute cafés everywhere she goes. Three things she cannot live without: “Music, muesli, and my people.”
Lilly ©Goethe-Institut Lilly is an intern for the administrative department at the Goethe-Institut Washington. In the quaint town of Konstanz, she is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in political science and management. Now, she is excited for all the cultural events and museums that a city like Washington has to offer since this is also her first time ever in the USA. In particular, she is looking forward to the Cherry Blossom Festival in DC, for which she has already bought a cherry blossom pin for her backpack. Three things she cannot live without: “Books, Ben & Jerry’s, and my favorite people.”
Julia ©Goethe-Institut Julia is a language intern at the Goethe-Institut Washington. In Cologne, where she was born and raised, she recently finished her undergraduate degree in pedagogy and English studies. Now, she truly enjoys the practical experience at our institute and the close contact to our customers. During her internship, she is lucky to live with family members in Rockville, Maryland, which allows her to also experience the American suburban lifestyle. Among the interns, Julia is known as the American sports geek. From the NBA to the NHL and the MLB – she knows everything. One highlight of her time in DC so far, aside from the many sports events she has attended, was a trip with her host mom to Annapolis in Maryland. “A cute town with so much history.” Three things she cannot live without: “Cologne, Carnival, and the Beatles.”
Johanna ©Goethe-Institut Johanna is an intern for the “Schools: Partners for the future” (PASCH) initiative at the Goethe-Institut Washington. Although she was born in Hanover, she could almost be considered a local since she has lived in the DC-area for about two years by now. After her high school graduation, she was an au pair in the US for the first time. Afterwards, she deepened her cultural knowledge and pursued a degree in North American and English studies and history at Potsdam University. Now, she is working again as an au pair in Potomac, Maryland and is happy to call it her second home – “One heart on two continents”, she says. At the same time, she is happy about her contribution to German-American cultural and language exchange through her internship here. Three things she cannot live without: “Communication, a clean bathroom, and a nonfat chai tea latte.”

Washington D.C. Interns - Season 2

In the fall season of our intern series at the Goethe-Institut Washington, we provided you with a thrilling inside look at what it is like to be an intern in our office. What were their daily tasks and what did they enjoy the most about working at the Goethe-Institut?

On Instagram, Tobias, Pragya, Caroline, and Leonie gave us glimpses into their lives in Washington. Follow our hashtag #goetheintern and become an insider!

Tobias was an intern at the editorial department from September through December 2018. As part of our editorial team, he was responsible for all things related to social media and for the content management of our website. In particular, he enjoyed writing the transcript for our podcast series The Big Pond. When he was not working at the Goethe-Institut, he explored all that DC has to offer from sporty bike adventures to the National Christmas Tree Lighting.

See for yourself what he has to say about his time as an intern.

Pragya was an intern in the language department in the fall of 2018. She was responsible for our German courses and exams. Her weekly schedule included planning new courses, keeping all information on courses and exams up-to-date, updating our website, and drafting course brochures. She also provided guidance for possible new course participants and, if needed, assessed the participants’ level of German.

See for yourself what she has to say about her time as an intern.

Caroline was a Language Programs Intern at the Goethe-Insititut. She especially enjoyed her field trips to local schools as a German-for-Hire Ambassador.

See for yourself what she has to say about her time as an intern.

Leonie was a Cultural Programs Intern at the Goethe-Institut. As a self-declared film enthusiast, she was glad to be involved in planning the Film|Neu, a Goethe-Institut film festival featuring new films from Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.

See for yourself what she has to say about her time as an intern.


Washington, DC - Toronto - Mexico City

Goethe Interns - Season 1

All around the world, young students have the opportunity to not only get to know the work of the Goethe-Institut as an intern, but also to immerse themselves in a new culture. We wanted to know: how is our interns' experience abroad? What does a normal day at the Goethe-Institut look like? And how do the experiences differ at our locations around the globe?

In the summer of 2018, Carolin in Mexico City, Hans in Washington, DC, and Isabel in Toronto gave us glimpses into their internships and answered a weekly question.

Isabel Spoerl ©Isabel Spoerl Isabel, 24, is from a village close to Munich and studied North American Studies at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich. She spends her free time outdoors hiking, playing volleyball, skiing, or snowboarding. During her semester breaks, she loves to travel.

After a semester studying on Canada’s west coast, Isabel knew she wanted to come back to Canada and applied for an internship in Toronto. Besides, it thematically fits her studies. Both the people and nature make Canada a special place for Isabel.

Hans Allner, Praktikant am Goethe-Institut Washington ©Hans Allner Hans, 22, is from Leipzig. When he is not interning at the Goethe-Institut Washington, he is studying English and cultural studies at the University of Leipzig. To start his day off right, Hans relies on good music, a healthy dose of humour, and fresh air.

The choice of Washington, DC was an easy one for Hans since the city has a lot to offer culturally and he’s hoping to collect many new experiences both personally and professionally.
Carolin Brejc ©Carolin Brejc Carolin, 23, is from Freising, near Munich. She studied International Culture and Business in Passau and wants to go to Amsterdam for her master's.

Carolin is interested in exploring different cultures, not only through her studies but also through traveling. Ever since her semester abroad in Chile and her travels through Argentina, Peru, and Bolivia, she has become a big fan of Latin America, which is why she applied for an internship at the Goethe-Institut in Mexico.

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