Internship programs for thai students and recent graduates

The Goethe-Institut Thailand offers internship programs for students and recent graduates from Thailand. You will get an insight into the diverse aspects of the work at the Goethe-Institut, taking part in planning and implementation of cultural programmes, carrying out tasks in the German language course department or the library and information services.

Read on to find out about requirements, the different areas of operation and positions available.
Please note that the information on this site only applies to Thai applicants. Applicants from Germany may switch the language settings of this page to German in order to comply with additional regulations.

Departments and Activities:

We offer internships in the following departments: Language Courses & Educational Program, Cultural Programs, Information & Library and Press & PR.

The different tasks and requirements for these departments are described in the corresponding sections below.
The Language Department is involved with anything that promotes the German language in Thailand. From language courses and exams to educational services for German language teachers in Thailand as well as knowledge and awareness building for the German language through cultural activities together with schools and universities. 

Interns are offered:
  • A Work placement in the course registration office, in German language courses, at PASCH-schools or in the administrative office
  • An insight into the Thai school system
  • The opportunity to plan and carry out activities for schools
  • The chance to adopt their own set of duties to be undertaken independently
  • The opportunity to plan and carry out promotional activities at schools and Universities
  • To join German language courses and carry out learning activities
  • Participation in meetings of the language department and joining in-house workshops, seminars and trainings
We expect from our interns:
  • An interest in education policy/educational issues
  • Willingness to work with school pupils
  • Ability to carry out work independently
  • Very good English language skills
  • Affinity with Social Media content creation
  • Very good computer skills
As part of its cultural collaboration work, the Goethe-Institut Thailand facilitates dialogue, meetings and exchange between artists and academics from Germany and Thailand concerning developments and tendencies of significant importance. This is enabled particularly by the cultural events programme organised by the Goethe-Institut Thailand and its cultural partners but also through informal meetings with the country’s artists and intellectuals. 

Interns are offered:
  • A Work placement in Culture Department
  • An insight into the German/European culture landscape
  • To draft and implement ideas for German-Thai cultural collaboration
  • The chance to adopt their own set of duties to be undertaken independently
  • The opportunity to plan and carry out promotional activities
  • Participation in meetings of the Culture Department and joining in-house workshops, seminars and trainings 
We expect from our interns:
  • Assistance with the organisational preparations and execution of the cultural programme in the areas of exhibitions, film and media, music, dance and theatre
  • Good knowledge of the Thai and German culture scene
  • Very good English skills
  • Very good intercultural communication skills
  • Prior experience with event management
  • Affinity with Social Media content creation
  • Willingness to work flexible hours
  • Willingness to carry out work independently
The library in the Goethe-Institut Thailand is not your average quiet reading place. It is regularly transformed into an open space for exchange and discussion ranging from talks, interviews, presentations to seminars, workshops or hackathons. This is why our interns can expect much more beyond the day to day library duties.  

Interns are offered:
  • An insight into the Goethe-Institut’s work in Information Services
  • To develop creative digital formats to interact with different target groups
  • To partake in projects concerning the promotion of translation, information services and networking
  • Advise visitors and carry out research independently
  • Get to know the internal library system 

We expect from interns:
  • Basic knowledge of librarianship, information management or digital media and communication
  • The ability to work with clients and visitors
  • Creativity and conceptual participation
  • Very good command of English and preferably German
  • Good knowledge of the multimedia media scene
  • Willingness to work flexible hours
  • An open and friendly manner
The Goethe-Institut Thailand offers a variety of programs, activities and educational services. All these events need to be documented and communicated, either through press releases, social media campaigns, online/offline advertising or other creative formats, thus offering a dynamic work experience. 

Interns are offered:
  • An insight into communications for an international organisation
  • To Support the Goethe-Institut’s social media activities
  • To Support and get to know the Goethe-Institut’s press and public relations work
  • The possibility to bring your creative ideas to life
  • A close collaboration with all departments of the Goethe-Institut Thailand
  • The possibility to join our cultural events
  • Contribute to the development of our online portal

We expect from interns:
  • Creative skills
  • Very good command of Thai and English
  • Ability to quickly develop new outreach ideas
  • An excellent understanding of Facebook and Instagram
  • Ability to generate online content in Thai and English
  • Basic film and photography skills
  • Basic understanding of relevant software for image compositing and video editing
  • Willingness to work flexible hours 

Further Information

Duration and Dates:

An internship at the Goethe-Institut Thailand runs for three months. By receiving your application we presume that you are available to start on the given date although the end date may be more flexible after discussion with the relevant department.

To complete an internship at the Goethe-Institut Thailand applicants are required to:
  • Be enrolled in a relevant University course or a recent graduate from such course (e.g. Language Studies, Humanities, Media Studies, Information Sciences, Art History, Journalism)
  • Excellent communication skills in Thai, English and preferably German
  • Have a good knowledge of relevant software for everyday office administrationTo be eligible for particular intern positions, additional requirements may apply.
Application Process:

So that we can reach a decision quickly and smoothly, we would ask you to fill out the application form and attach the following documents:
  • CV
  • Letter of recommendation from a University lecturer.
    (The letter should be maximum one A4 sheet of paper and should give a personal impression of your academic performance and your suitability for an internship with the Goethe-Institut Thailand
  • Certificates of exam results
    (For recent graduates a copy of the University degree)
We are unable to accept applications submitted without all required documentation.


An expense allowance of €300.00 gross per calendar month will be paid for internships of at least 4 weeks. For periods of internships which do not cover a whole month, a pro rata payment will be made. This is an expense allowance which is to be used principally to cover partial travel and accommodation expenses.

Internship Confirmation and Final Report

At the end of your internship, you are obliged to write a report which serves as the basis of confirming the completion of your internship.

As a rule, an evaluation of the internship is not completed but can be compiled if required. Please request this letter of evaluation in plenty of time with the internship supervisor.