Language and Integration - International Conference

International Experts’ Conference

On 18 and 19 September 2009
in the Plenary Hall of the Academy of Arts, Pariser Platz 4, Berlin

Together with a number of partners, the Goethe-Institut is conducting the two-year project “Languages without Borders” on the subject of multilingualism. Within the framework of this project the international experts’ conference on “Language and Integration” was held in the Academy of Arts in Berlin in partnership with ALTE (Association of Language Testers in Europe) and the Institute for the German Language (IDS). It is receiving financial assistance from the European Integration Fund.

The conference is in two parts:

18.09. Thematic block “Examinations”
Development, Form and Differentiation of Examinations
19.09. Thematic block “Languages of Origin”
Significance and Integration of Languages of Origin

With an international expert public we wish to tackle the aspects of examinations and languages of origins, focusing on Europe.

What developments in linguistic integration are evident across Europe? How effectively are the policy-makers advised? How is the area of migrants’ “languages of origin” integrated in the petitum for the promotion of multilingualism?

These are the focal questions of the conference, which brought together in discussions and comprehensive informative sessions experts from throughout Europe.

The aim of the conference was to facilitate an exchange and networking between practitioners, consulting experts and legislators, and to inform interested members of the general public. The results of the conference will be recorded in a catalogue of recommendations and will be published on the conference website.

The conference languages were German and English.

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    Multilingualism – Languages without borders

    What effect does multilingualism have on political, social, spiritual and cultural life? What value for the economy and science?


    With texts, sound reports and photos, reporters cover four selected projects within the “Multilingualism – Languages without Borders” initiative.