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Čt, 23.05.2019


bauhaus reuse

The bauhaus reuse is a new public center and urban lab for transdisciplinary education, research and participation in the middle of the roundabout of the Berlin Ernst-Reuter-Platz. Within the next years the program BHR OX, in discourse, practice and performance, will work on the topics of modern societies, politics and Baukultur, housing, sustainable urban development, circular society and the future of education and labor. The transparent pavilion bauhaus reuse is built with reused facade elements from the famous Bauhaus in Dessau, originally from its fundamental postwar refurbishment in 1976. The concept bauhaus reuse stands for a material, social and cultural approach on innovative methods of interpretation and dealing with the heritage and narratives of Modernism. With a special interest on social emancipation and the societal and political context of the Bauhaus and Functionalism, the project fosters a transnational exchange focusing on Central and Eastern Europe, starting with the festival re:bauhaus in 2019. Upcoming main events this year are the Bauhauswoche Berlin 2019 and the Triennale der Moderne 2019 in Berlin.

bauhaus reuse on Ernst-Reuter-Platz is a project by zukunftsgeraeusche, in cooperation with the Berlin district of Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf and a pilot-platform for the Campus Charlottenburg initiative in cooperation with TU Berlin, UdK Berlin and numerous project partners. The bauhaus reuse was built as an educational construction site with the Knobelsdorffschule Berlin. Supporters & / Program Partners: Bauhaus Dessau Foundation German, IKEA Foundation, Federal Agency for Civic Education, Berlin Chamber of Architects, Goethe-Institut, Federal Foundation of Baukultur, Czech-German Future Funds, National Gallery Prague, PLATO Ostrava, curatorial collaborative, Center of Competence for major housing estates, Bildungsverein Bautechnik, Joanes Foundation, Cologne Games Lab and many more.

Sponsors: DLW Gerflor, Dr. Schutz Group, MAPEI, AXIS Berlin, Tremco Illbruck, Warema Renkhoff, …

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