Thank Goethe It's Friday
A series of webinars

TGIF © by Groupe Dejour

TGIF- A series of webinars, where the top trending themes for pedagogical Trends 2021 shall be addressed by the subject experts, started on 19.02.2021.

As the name goes one Friday every month would be made interesting for the school principals teaching German in North India and Nepal. The webinar series welcomes school leaders to choose a field of interest to them and their students and join us for a rendezvous on the given Fridays as per the program.  

What more to expect: The new academic year is going to throw many challenges at our school leaders. Keeping the needs of our educators as per the changing times in mind and in accordance with the adaptations expected in the curriculum under New Education Policy, Thank Goethe its Friday has upcoming webinars on the topics such as:

  • STEM Clubs
  • Implementation of Vocational Training in schools 
  • Studying and working in Germany.