100 Years of Sophie Scholl

100 Years of Sophie Scholl © Prayrit Singh / Shutterstock

Sophie Scholl, born on May 9, 1921, engaged herself in the protest group "The White Rose" against the National Socialism and was sentenced to death by a National Socialist judge at the age of 21 years.  Her commitment to justice and resistance against the illegitimate state of the national socialists is remembered till date and should be a reminder for us and the future generations to always think critically and question the socio-political realities.

As a part of this two and a half day workshop, we will explore the Biography of Sophie Scholl, deal with the facets of resistance under National Socialism and explore the role of civil disobedience in the present and the future. We will deal with the historical resources and meet a survivor of the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp

In addition to it, we will look into how can we apply Sophie Scholl’s political stance in the present day scenario and take a look at the socio political participation opportunities for the youngsters.


  • Benjamin Günther and Tobias Trutz: Benjamin Günther and Tobias Trutz are seasoned and trained are long time tour guides at the Memorial Bergen-Belsen apart from being English and History teachers. They will establish the basics of resistance in National Socialism using the example of Sophie Scholl. In addition to that, Benjamin Gunther, because of his longtime association with European Youth Forum, would be giving interesting insights in his area of work and show you theopportunities of political participation.
  • Diana Gring: Diana Gring is a historian in the Bergen-Belsen Memorial.  For last 25 years she has been conducting life-historical interviews with the survivors of the concentration camps. She would give insights into her work and shows, how relevant are these testimonials for the present and for the future
  • Gershon Willinger: Gershon Willinger from Canada will be sharing his experience as an eye witness of the concentration camp. He was born in 1942 in Netherlands to a Jewish family. He is the survivor of the Bergen-Belsen Concentration camp and Theresienstadt. He inspires youngsters through his talks to fight against racism and anti-Semitism.WORKSHOP LANGUAGE: English
PLATFORM: 3D Room- WBS Learnspace
PARTICIPANTS: 14-16 year school students from Germany, India and Pakistan

Sophie Scholl © Prayrit Singh

100 Years of Sophie Scholl