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Chuyển đến nội dung chính (Alt1) Chuyển đến mục định hướng chính (Alt2)
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Dành cho các nghệ sỹ Việt Nam
Lời mời tham dự

Cho các chương trình và dự án văn hóa - nghệ thuật hợp tác với CHLB Đức và các nước trong khu vực SAN (Đông Nam Á, Úc, New Zealand)

Tại Việt Nam

Tại Đức và khu vực SAN (Đông Nam Á, Úc, New Zealand)

Call for Entries: Submit your Works to DOK Leipzig 2022 © DOK Leipzig / Stefan Ibrahim

Call for Entries
Submit your Works to DOK Leipzig 2022

1. Submission deadline | May 01, 2022 for all films completed before this date.
2nd and final deadline | July 01, 2022 for film and XR work

Master's-equivalent certificate
Artistic training for instruments and singing

The master's-equivalent certificate program Artistic Training for Instruments and Voice offers artists a two-year training (4 semesters standard period of study in full-time studies), in which they can use a well thought-out curriculum to focus intensively on their main subject (in the subjects singing, piano, guitar, guitar duo, violin and flute) and sharpen their personality profile.

Jack Finnigan via Unsplash Ảnh: Jack Finnigan via Unsplash

For freelance research assignments
Research Programme Martin Roth Initiative

In 2018 ifa and the Goethe-Institut initiated the "Martin Roth Initiative". The joint project sponsored by the German Federal Foreign Office supports artists and cultural activists as well as civil society actors by facilitating temporary protection stays in Germany and secure third countries. 

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Chuyên gia tư vấn ở Đức

Als spezialisierte und international erfolgreiche Beratungsgesellschaft im Risikomanagement suchen wir explizit Hochschulabsolvierende (m/w/d) aus Vietnam, die sich für einen Berufseinstieg als Consultant in Deutschland interessieren.

Consultant im Risikomanagement