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I spy, with my little eye... Photo: Johanna M. Keller

A Letter from Cairo
I spy, with my little eye...

(23 March 2015) History, noise and dust: you either love Cairo, or you hate it. If you love this city, then you do one thing particularly often: you look away. By Johanna M. Keller

Species in Danger Photo: Katja Kessing

A Letter from Bogotá
Species in Danger

(16 March 2015) Colombia is booming. The country, which only a few years ago stood for violence and terror, is bounding from one superlative to the next. The superlatives in matters of environmental policy are, however, negatives. By Katja Kessing

New National Hero Photo: Katja Kessing

A Letter from Bogotá
New National Hero

(26 January 2015) Since last summer, Colombia has a new superstar. He’s already mentioned in the same reverential breath as pop goddess Shakira. His name is Rodríguez. James Rodríguez. Ja-mes! By Katja Kessing

Mongolian winter Photo: Sebastian Woitsch

A Letter from Ulan Bator
With Frosty Regards

(19 January 2015) For five long months, the thermometers in the world’s coldest capital city register sub-zero temperatures. For some of my friends, it sounds horrific, but in reality it’s merely a matter of habit – and a good down coat. By Sebastian Woitsch

Perchance a Dream? Photo: Uwe Rau

A Letter from Toronto
Perchance a Dream?

(29 September 2014) The name of the town is Stratford and the river flowing through it the Avon. But is it the birthplace of the Bard? An encounter with Shakespeare – on a different continent. By Uwe Rau

Anybody who wants to complain... Photo: Bettina Senff

A Letter from Wellington
Anybody who wants to complain...

(22 September 2014) Taking the bus in New Zealand is a unique experience. Every time you board or de-board this mode of transport is a chance for a more or less extensive conversation. When suddenly every bus driver is wearing a lei, something must be afoot. By Bettina Senff