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New National Hero Photo: Katja Kessing

A Letter from Bogotá
New National Hero

(26 January 2015) Since last summer, Colombia has a new superstar. He’s already mentioned in the same reverential breath as pop goddess Shakira. His name is Rodríguez. James Rodríguez. Ja-mes! By Katja Kessing

Mongolian winter Photo: Sebastian Woitsch

A Letter from Ulan Bator
With Frosty Regards

(19 January 2015) For five long months, the thermometers in the world’s coldest capital city register sub-zero temperatures. For some of my friends, it sounds horrific, but in reality it’s merely a matter of habit – and a good down coat. By Sebastian Woitsch

Perchance a Dream? Photo: Uwe Rau

A Letter from Toronto
Perchance a Dream?

(29 September 2014) The name of the town is Stratford and the river flowing through it the Avon. But is it the birthplace of the Bard? An encounter with Shakespeare – on a different continent. By Uwe Rau

Anybody who wants to complain... Photo: Bettina Senff

A Letter from Wellington
Anybody who wants to complain...

(22 September 2014) Taking the bus in New Zealand is a unique experience. Every time you board or de-board this mode of transport is a chance for a more or less extensive conversation. When suddenly every bus driver is wearing a lei, something must be afoot. By Bettina Senff