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Canadian Venice Photo: Uwe Rau

A Letter from Toronto
Canadian Venice

(13 July 2015) Our summer retreat is only fifteen minutes from Toronto. When you leave the metropolis behind by ship you soon find yourself in a melange of colourful Victorian houses, ancient weeping willows, beaches, dunes and the sound of the waves. What more could you ask for? By Uwe Rau

Please come thirsty! Photo: Bettina Senff

A Letter from Wellington
Please come thirsty!

(6 July 2015) Coffee culture is considerably older in Germany than it is in New Zealand. But when it comes to the café culture, German operators can still learn a lot from their colleagues on the other side of the world. By Bettina Senff

Literally the Lowest Level Photo: Anna Maria Strauß

A Letter from Riga
Literally the Lowest Level

(1 June 2015) Those bemoaning the disappearance of retail shops in Europe’s city centres should come to Riga. It’s blossoming here, though often underground. By Anna Maria Strauß

Driving Along the Nile Photo: Johanna M. Keller

A Letter from Cairo
Driving Along the Nile

(25 May 2015) You can read the newspaper, shop or have a pleasant conversation with the driver in the next car: driving in Egypt’s capital city is a laid-back affair. Take a trip through Cairo, the “mother of the traffic jam.” By Johanna M. Keller

There’s No “Place” Like Home Photo: Jacobia Dahm

A Letter from New York
There’s No “Place” Like Home

(6 April 2015) In the light of recent events, today I would like to write about street types in New York, more precisely about streets, avenues and other designations for asphalted pathways in Manhattan, but in particular about one specific “place.” By Christoph Bartmann

True Latvians Gather Mushrooms Photo: Norbert Strauß

A Letter from Riga
True Latvians Gather Mushrooms

(30 March 2015) Those who live in Latvia learn quickly that being Latvian requires more than having been born inside the national borders. This is sensed not only by the so-called non-citizens from Soviet days. By Anna Maria Strauss

The Sea of Ice Photo: Stefanie Peter

A Letter from Novosibirsk
The Sea of Ice

(16 February 2015) One of the many survival tactics you must learn in Siberia is to walk safely on snow and ice. By February at the latest, the snow has literally crept into the city in the form of huge towers, walls and mountain ranges. By Stefanie Peter

“This is Ireland!” Photo: Evi Rockstroh

A Letter from Dublin
„This is Ireland!“

(9 February 2015) One of the best books ever written about Dublin is called In Schlucken – zwei – Spechte. Do you understand what that means? Neither do I. But it sounds sort of funny. Just like Dublin in its best moments. By Anne Klapperstück

Mellow State of Emergency Photo: Anthony Quintano

A Letter from New York
Mellow State of Emergency

(2 February 2015) Remain calm. Go home. Stay at home. Await further instructions. Last week, New York shifted into disaster mode. I watched the major meteorological event from my heated living room. By Christoph Bartmann

New National Hero Photo: Katja Kessing

A Letter from Bogotá
New National Hero

(26 January 2015) Since last summer, Colombia has a new superstar. He’s already mentioned in the same reverential breath as pop goddess Shakira. His name is Rodríguez. James Rodríguez. Ja-mes! By Katja Kessing

Underground Literature Photo: Jens Schott Knudsen

A Letter from New York
Underground Literature

(20 October 2014) To find out something about New Yorkers’ reading habits, all you need to do is take the subway. You’ll learn quite a lot about the decline of printed newspapers, the jumpiness of status checkers and the rise of a goldfinch. I took a detour in the sub-culture. By Christoph Bartmann

The Slow Life Photo: Katja Kessing

A Letter from Bogotá
The Slow Life

(13 October 2014) Bridges are good things. The connect countries, regions and people. Yet sometimes they can even help to cut off links to the rest of the world; to make us unavailable for a few days ... at least in Bogotá. By Katja Kessing

The Gobi Desert is Calling – To a Marathon Race Photo: Sebastian Woitsch

A Letter from Ulan Bator
The Gobi Desert is Calling – To a Marathon Race

(6 October 2014) I like to cycle and I like to run. It’s clear that for these two modes of travel, the capital of Mongolia is truly a challenge. So, I head off to the desert. By Sebastian Woitsch

Perchance a Dream? Photo: Uwe Rau

A Letter from Toronto
Perchance a Dream?

(29 September 2014) The name of the town is Stratford and the river flowing through it the Avon. But is it the birthplace of the Bard? An encounter with Shakespeare – on a different continent. By Uwe Rau