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Shooting Practice with Uncle Buddha Photo: Franz Xaver Augustin

A Letter from Yangon
Shooting Practice with Uncle Buddha

(15 September 2014) An unusual visitor: Young female soldiers in Myanmar might expect some oddities at target practice, but a German photographer dropping by with an obsession for targets might surprise them. Herlinde Koelbl did just that. By Franz Xaver Augustin

About 100 days to go before Lithuania joins the euroland Photo: Goethe-Institut Litauen/Rūta Kuckaitė

A Letter from Vilnius
Count backwards and sing

(8 September 2014) Give us the euro! While many elsewhere presage the end of the community currency, Lithuanians can hardly wait to join the club. By Johanna M. Keller

The tui is the comedian of New Zealand’s birds (Photo: Bettina Senff) Photo: Bettina Senff

A Letter from Wellington
Bird of the Day

(11 August 2014) No, it wasn’t a lark. Nor was it a nightingale. Today, it wasn’t even a tui. But one thing is certain: When you hear the wake-up call on the radio in New Zealand in the morning, it’s always voiced by a professional. By Bettina Senff

Exhibition in the Goethe-Institut Toronto (Photo: Geoff Fitzgerald Photography) Photo: Geoff Fitzgerald Photography

A Letter from Toronto
Rainbow Colours Even in the Zebra Crossings

(4 August 2014) Not many cities can say their claim to international fame is the notorious behaviour of their mayor. Colourful Toronto certainly can.