“My Path to Germany” Nevin on an Adventurous Journey

Germany for beginners: friends Nevin (right) and Yuna in their new adoptive home
Germany for beginners: friends Nevin (right) and Yuna in their new adoptive home | Photo: Goethe-Institut

One moment, you’re standing in the wrong queue, then standing puzzled at the ticket machine, and then you’re expected to know what kohlrabi is. Finding your way in Germany can be difficult, especially when you’re new here. The web portal Mein Weg nach Deutschland helps immigrants start out.

The first step has been made. The exam is passed proving the required basic German skills for a visa. Yet for most immigrants, it still takes a very long time – on average eleven months – until they can finally head off to Germany. Those who would like to make use of this time to prepare for their first weeks in Germany have a variety of opportunities to do so on the portal Mein Weg nach Deutschland (My Path to Germany).

For example, before their own journey to the new country, immigrants can join Nevin Coşkun on an adventurous trip through mystifying Germany. The 23-year-old Turk moved to Munich to join her husband and battles here with the pitfalls of daily life: hard-to-understand bus schedules, even more complicated ticket machines, classified adverts for flats that seem to be written in a secret language and hissing reptiles at the employment office. Then there are the vegetables with their many designations.

In eight short films, the viewer joins Nevin while learning how to take the bus in Germany, what to expect at the employment agency, how to party with flatmates and what to consider when searching for accommodations. There are many exercises for each film. But besides the videos, the portal conveys the necessary basics for the initial weeks and months after arriving in Germany. Whether school, marriage, shopping or insurance, on Mein Weg nach Deutschland you can find almost everything you need to know about the minor and major details of everyday life in your adopted country. Using numerous exercises, users can check their own knowledge; an extensive glossary and a vocabulary trainer also help to improve language skills.

To the web portal Mein Weg nach Deutschland To the web portal Mein Weg nach Deutschland | Copyright: Goethe-Institut