Video Series What Makes Germany Tick?

Copyright: Goethe-Institut

Every nationality has its clichés. Germans may have more than others. But what are Germans really like? This question is now being explored by the Deutschlandlabor (Germany lab). The Goethe-Institut presents the laboratory findings in a new video series for German learners.

Anyone learning a language is usually also interested in the country or countries where it is spoken. What is life like there? How do the people live? What are the customs and traditions, what are the preferences? As for Germany, does everyone there really drive fast cars? Are all meals sausage based? How punctual are people in Germany? Is there life after FC Bayern?

This thirst for knowledge among learners of German is now being quenched by a new twenty-part video series about Germany. The series, produced by the Goethe-Institut in cooperation with Deutsche Welle, looks at fashion, literature, football, music, housing, organic food and let’s not forget beer. A new episode is online every Thursday. Each of the four and a half minute films is accompanied by online exercises, the respective manuscript and vocab helps on the different topics. The series begins with a topic that’s not too far fetched: school.

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