A Temporality

  • Distance in Deepness Photo: Jantsankhorol Erdenebayar
  • Breathe In Breathe Out Photo: Jantsankhorol Erdenebayar

Mongolian Contemporary Art Support Association (Mongolia), Carsten Nicolai/Alva Noto (Germany)

An interactive contemporary live sound performance project
Nowadays interaction between human-being and nature is almost extinct. Human-made environment like concrete blocks, glasses, plastics, panels and asphalts surrounds us. A TEMPORALITY will emulate Mongolian “experimental singing tradition” in contemporary form. Mongolian visual artist E. Jantsankhorol creates an experimental environment in exhibition spaces, where artists can interact with physical objects and spaces and perform emitting various sounds using techniques of traditional throat singing. At the same time sounds are recorded and installed in conjunction with art installation in exhibition spaces for a longer period of time. Carsten Nicolai will curate and take part in the sound performances. A TEMPORALITY allows the audience to experience how human-created modern environment affects our souls, minds and bodies and alters rhythms of breathing, tone of voice and body language.

Project Direction & Curation: Gantuya Badamgarav | Composition & Musical Concept: Carsten Nicolai | Visual Art: Erdenebayar Jantsankhorol | Singing: Throat singers of the National Philharmonic Orchestra of Mongolia | Sound (Assistance): Ts. Davaajargal | Production Management: B.Dashdulam, T.Bilguun | PR: B. Egshiglen | Representation in Venice: Marco Scurati | Supported by: Goethe-Institut, Internationaler Koproduktionsfonds

This project is part of round 5 of the International Coproduction Fund, year 2018.