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  • In-visible © Tarkib
  • In-visible © Tarkib
  • In-visible © Tarkib

Lecture Performance by and with Aya Mansour, Zahraa Ghandour (Iraq) und Modjgan Hashemian (Germany)

The German-Iraqi collective lecture performance In_visible addresses the experiences of women in confinement – in a Berlin prison and in the Iraqi society. Labwa Arab plays Dijla (Arabic for Tigris), a young Iraqi lady who was granted to go by bicycle since she was a little girl. The young Dijla takes the audience on her bicycle tour through Iraq and tells the stories of the women she meets on her way. These are authentic stories, written by the Iraqi author Aya Mansour. Modjgan Hashemian combines language with movement. Her dance fuses thoughts and feelings and expresses pain and joy.
Choreography: Modjgan Hashemian | Play: Labwa Arab | Text: Aya Mansour | Dramaturgy: Anke Sauerteig, Haider Joma | Stage: Farzad Arkhavan | Costumes: Nastaran Rabbani | Music: Oliver Dorell | Light: Asier Solana | Documentation: Deema Ahmed | Production Management: Hella Mewis | In_Visible was developed in cooperation with TARKIB Baghdad Contemporary Arts Institute and in co-production with the Akademie der Künste and with the support from the International Coproduction Fund of the Goethe-Institute and from the EMCUE e.V., aufBruch - Kunst Gefängnis Stadt

This project is part of round 1 of the International Coproduction Fund, year 2016.

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