• Crossing Borders © Meitar Ensemble
  • Crossing Borders © Jakob Berger
  • Crossing Borders © Jakob Berger
  • Crossing Borders © Manu Theobald

Meitar Ensemble (Israel), Neue Vocalsolisten (Germany), Ofer Pelz (Israel/Canada), Sarah Nemtsov (Germany)

Exploring and crossing boundaries: For Crossing Borders, two composers and a visual artist create both a spiritual and a material space in which the sense and nonsense of borders and limitations can be explored. Urgent social and political issues are questioned: immigration, refugee movements, Israeli-Palestinian borders, Israeli-German past and present as well as gender boundaries. The composition, which also explores the limits of the instruments, is based on writings by immigrant or refugee writers.

Project developing: Moshe Aharonov | Artistic director: Amit Dolberg | Music: Sarah Nemtsov, Ofer Pelz | Interpreters: Moshe Aharonov, Amit Dolberg Gilad Harel, Marco Fusi, Hagar Shahal, Yoni Gotlibovitch, Sarah Nemtzov, Ofer Pelz, Omer Sheizaf, Sarah Cohen, Susanne Leitz-Lorey, Truike van der Poel, Daniel Gloger, Martin Nagy, Guillermo Anzorena, Andreas Fischer | Funded by: the International Co-production Fund of the Goethe-Institut

This project is part of round 4 of the International Coproduction Fund, year 2017-2018.