Bazar (Mannheim) /
Charita (Marrakech)

  • Bazar - IKF 2017 Photo: Viktor Schwab
  • SuperCopy - IKF 2017 Photo: Toni Montana
  • Bazar - IKF 2017 Photo: Viktor Schwab
  • SuperCopy - IKF 2017 Photo: Toni Montana
  • Artist talk Charita Marrakech © Madrassa Collective
  • LE18 Entrance © Madrassa Collective
  • Laila Hida Charita Marrakech © Madrassa Collective
  • Ülkü Süngün Charita Marrakech © Madrassa Collective

Madrassa Collective (Morocco, Algeria, Palestine, Italy, Cameroon), LE 18 (Morocco), Port25 und SuperCopy / Jan-Philipp Possmann (Germany)

Bazar is an experimental residency and public programme. In May 2017, Madrassa Collective took over the Kiosk of Zeitraumexit transforming it into a bazar, a playful market of remixed images, sounds, bodies, and knowledge from Africa and the Middle East. For a week, the space featured performances, film screenings, live listening sound art sessions, electronic music, and debates. In cooperation with the involved artists, they explored and proposed newly commissioned performative works interrogating processes constructing and performing collective memory and cultural identity in increasingly (re)mixed societies. By finding inspiration from their local contexts, the presented works paid particular attention to the role played by copy, mimicry and détournement as vectors for the negotiated construction of socio-cultural belonging and as strategies of cultural resistance and artistically radical re-imagination.

Curator: Madrassa Collective | Coordinating curators: Francesca Masoero, Nouha Ben Yebdri | Participating curators: Francesca Masoero, Nouha Ben Yebdri, Rim Mejdi, Victoria Dabdoub, Aude Mgba |  Artistic director: Jan Philippe Possmann | Artists and performers: Marcio Carvalho, Christian Etongo, Firas Hamdan, Abdellah Hassak, Hadia Gana, Ülkü Süngün, Oussama Tabti and Habibi Funk | Filmmakers: Mahamoud Sabbagh, Mohammad Megdoul, Faouzi Ben Saidi | Assistance, logistics and technical support: Benjamin Bay, Matti Kunstek, Frederike Stang, Asmaa Trouillet | Graphic Designer: Alexander Rozmann | Photographer: Viktor Schwab | Coproduced by the International Coproduction Fund of the Goethe-Institut | Supported by Robert Bosch Stiftung and the German Centre of the International Theatre Institute

This project is part of round 2 of the International Coproduction Fund, year 2016-2017.