Music for Unstageable Theater

  • Music for Unstageable Theater © Melinda Pafundi
  • Music for Unstageable Theater © Nada Abdelwahab
  • Music for Unstageable Theater © Melinda Pafundi
  • Music for Unstageable Theater © Melinda Pafundi

Adel Abdel Wahab (Egypt) and Alexander Paulick (Germany)

Music for Unstageable Theater is a multidisciplinary performance about the nature of self-censorship in our current time. Someone -a playwright- responds to all the stimuli of self-censorship. He embodies fear, confusion, solitude, and isolation. Music for Unstageable Theater is an interrogation of violence, chaos, vulnerability, the public, the private, the self, the other, the universe, and where the authority of self-censorship ends and where it begins. (Music for Unstageable Theater) is a multidisciplinary artistic research process where text, music, dance, and sculpture epitomize the dilemma of freewill vs. submission.

Working with SOUND, SCENT, SCULPTURE and one single ACTOR / DANCER, the artists create a performance to the soundtrack of a theater piece that remains unstaged.
Language of the performance: English (Arabic Subtitles)

Script and direction: Adel Abdel Wahab | Concept and composition: Alexander Paulick | Choreography and performance: Mohamed Fouad | Set and objects: Hella Gerlach, Min Stiller | Translation and documentation: Nada Abdelwahab | Video: Cindy Mizher | Video Documentation of Berlin and Cairo performance: Melina Pafundi | Model in video: Myra Eetgerink | Co-producers: Adel Abdel Wahab, Alexander Paulick, Goethe-Institut – International Coproduction Fund | With the support of SZENENWECHSEL (International theater Institute/Robert Bosch Foundation) 

This project is part of round 1 of the International Coproduction Fund, year 2016.