ElectrAfrique x Rise Berlin

  • ElectrAfrique 2 © Dasilvia P. Bizenga
  • ElectrAfrique 3 © Dasilvia P. Bizenga
  • Rise Berlin ©
  • Rise Berlin ©

This Co-production project aims to celebrate cultural diversity and contribute to the preservation and awareness of traditional cultural heritage through the medium of electronic music. Our ambition is to start an artistic conversation between a young Bedik (a minority Senegalese ethnic group) musician who's trying to preserve his mother-tongue and traditions through music and the international afro-house scene, which will here be represented by two well-established DJ/producers/dancers' collectives being Berlin-based RISE and the Dakar-based ElectrAfrique.

This collaboration will take the shape of artistic residences in Senegal (split between Dakar and Bandafassi/Kedougou in the Bedik Region), where the artists will come together and formulate a common creative project and create new music as well as live performances (incl. dance and video-mapping). Beyond releasing new music, the project aims at showing the work through live performances in Senegal (both in Dakar and Bandafassi/Kedougou), in Germany (Berlin) and hopefully in Paris (France) in the months following the residences.

In addition, and most importantly, the goal is also to strengthen long lasting ties between creatives in the two countries, such that more collaborative work across borders would emerge following this co-production project.

This project is part of round 11 of the International Coproduction Fund, year 2021.