The Whole is more than the Sum of its Parts

  • The Whole is more than the Sum of its Parts | Ringlokschuppen Ruhr © Björn Stork
  • The Whole is more than the Sum of its Parts | Sumofit © Daniel Domolky
  • The Whole is more than the Sum of its Parts | Trafo © Nagy Gergő

It contains hard parts is a dance performance, which is centered around group dynamics and the individual’s behaviour in different communities. The central interest of the project lies in the socio-political tension between an individual and a group, focusing on how this duality manifests in the body and is negotiated in physical interactions.
Throughout our entire lives we act in diverse social constellations. From the moment we are born, each of us moves within different groups and communities during our development. Therefore, we find ourselves confronted with mechanisms, expectations and practices of group-dynamics and have to act accordingly.
What moves us within a group? What moves a group? How much individualism and how much group cohesion is necessary for a functioning, efficient, and happy society?
By addressing these questions the project aims to explore how we could better understand the meaning of and engage in democratic discourse. The project is implemented with a young team of four dancers. Together with them we analyze diverse social situations from the aspect of the relation between an individual and the group and how it can be displayed through a composed choreography.

Choreography: Beatrix Simkó | Concept: Beatrix Simkó, Florian Entenfellner | Dancers & Performers: Sara Valenti, Charlotte Virgile, Harrison Claxton, Florian Entenfellner | Visual design, Set design: Dániel Dömölky | Dramaturg: Costas Kekis | Dance pedagogue: Fanny Hajdú | Production manager: Brigitta Kovács

Ringlokschuppen Ruhr (GER), Workshop Foundation (HU), Trafo House of Contemporary Arts (HU)

Goethe-Institut, International Coproduction Fund, Imre Zoltán Program of National Cultural Foundation in Hungary (IZP), National Cultural Foundation in Hungary (NKA), City of Essen, Ministry of Human Resources Hungary (EMMI)

This project is part of round 11 of the International Coproduction Fund, year 2021.