• CONTAIN co .tain ©
  • CONTAIN co .tain ©

Hong Kong New Music Limited (Hong Kong), Radialsystem V (Germany), Ensemble Resonanz  (Germany)

A music performance of Hong Kong New Music Ensemble and Ensemble Resonanz (Hamburg, Germany), travels along the questions of containing, of shipping and shifting cultural identities. With new compositions of Berlin-based collaborative composer Simon James Phillips, installations by Hong Kong-based composer and concept artist Samson Young, con.tain opens a space of in-betweenness. With streaming sounds, videos and interview fragments, deep darkness and lights, musicians and audience float through states of disorientation. This project explores different sensations of getting lost, and new ways of coming together in the in-between. This is water, a no man’s land.  The concert project is the result of a research period in Hong Kong, interviews with musicians, philosophers and curators conducted by project artistic director Folkert Uhde and dramatic advisor Elisa Erkelenz.

Artistic director: Folkert Uhde | Dramaturgy: Elisa Erkelenz | Artists: Simon James Phillips, Samson Young, Hong Kong New Music Ensemble, Ensemble Resonanz, Alice Lagaay, William Lane

This project is part of round 8 of the International Coproduction Fund, year 2019-2020.