Marcha à Re

  • Marcha à Ré © Matheus José Maria
  • Marcha à Ré © Matheus José Maria
  • Marcha à Ré © Matheus José Maria

Teatro da Vertigem (Brasil), Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art - KUNST-WERKE BERL (Germany), Festival Internacional de Artes Cênicas Porto Alegre em Cen (Brasil)

In cooperation with the 11th Berlin Biennale and the International Performing Arts Festival Porto Alegre em Cena, Teatro da Vertigem is realizing an artistic intervention for the public space, which will be site-specific in both places of presentation, Berlin and Porto Alegre.

The project’s central idea is to create an urban performance in the form of a march, bringing together a choir, local actors from the respective city, and the public.

The main idea of the project Marcha a ré (Reverse gear) by Teatro da Vertigem was conceived based on the current socio-political situation in Brazil. It responds to the authoritarian acts against science, against human rights, against freedom of speech and art, as well as against the Afro-Brazilian community, the indigenous minority and the LGBTQ community. The performance is meant to be a public gesture for the over 170,000 Covid deaths; a way to show solidarity and a tribute to those who could not be mourned.

Creation and Artistic Direction: Antonio Araujo / Eliana Monteiro / Guilherme Bonfanti | Guest artist: Nuno Ramos | Dramaturg: Antonio Duran | Sound composition: Erico Theobaldo | Costume Designer: Renato Bolelli Rebouças | Graphic Designer: Guilherme Luigi | Trumpeter: Richard Fermino | Head of Production: Rachel Brumana | Legal Assistance: José Augusto Vieira de Aquino | Executive Production: Giovanna Monteiro / Paulo Gircys | Production Support: Fernando Ruiz Braul / José Guilherme Lobarinhas Jr. / Vicente Antunes Ramos | Photography: Matheus José Maria | Technical Team: Diego F F Soares / Kuka Batista / Zé Galinha | Stage Technician: José Dahora | Stage Technician Assistant: Rafael Guirado Neto | Sound Engineer (performance): Tomé de Souza | Sound Engineering Assistant: Ligia Ferraz | Social Network: Juliana Paié | Live Streaming: Valentina Denuzzo


A Film by: Eryk Rocha | Photography: Miguel Vassy / Janice d'Avila / Luísa Dalé / Júnior Lopes | Editing: Renato Vallone | Location Sound Operator and Sound Designer: Rubén Valdes | Production: Margarida Serrano / Paula Macedo | Camera Assistant: Gabriela Akashi / Hellen Braga / Jerê Nunes | Location Sound Assistant: Rodney Blanco | Production Assistant: João Alves / Thaís Cris | Machinery: Tatu / Logger / Juliana BorghiL | Color Marking: Alice Andrade Drummond | Mastering: Matheus Rufino | Credits: Guilherme Luigi / Aruac Filmes team/ Eryk Rocha / Gabriela Carneiro da Cunha / Margarida Serrano / Alba Roque / Tamara Andrade

Performance created by Teatro da Vertigem in collaboration with Nuno Ramos

​Commissioned and coproduced by the 11th Berlin Biennale

​Coproduced by: Performing Arts International Festival Porto Alegre em Cena

With the support of: Goethe-Institut / São Paulo City Hall / São Paulo Culture Secretary/ SPcine / SP Film Commission

​A Production by: ARUAC Filmes and Teatro da Vertigem


This project is part of round 8 of the International Coproduction Fund, year 2019-2020.