If we vanish

  • If we vanish 1 © Kiron Guidi
  • If we vanish 2 © Frithjof Heinrich
  • If we vanish 2 © Frithjof Heinrich

Nikhil Nagaraj (India), Felix Deufel (Germany), Paul Schengber (Germany), Ronita Mookerji (India)

​“If we Vanish” is an immersive audio-visual performance presenting a selection of the quietest places in the world initiated by Nikhil Nagaraj and Felix Deufel in a series of audio field recordings. The two sound artists a visual artist along with a solo performer explore the aesthetic representation of these endangered soundscapes by using the body and gestures of a dancer transforming the space as the audience is placed in the interstice created by the duality of spatial music and projection on walls. A dancer performs inside a geodesic audio-video-light reactive half sphere The use of body in electronic music and the transformation of additional content through gestures are key features of this piece which aim at empowering the performer and perhaps some interaction with the audience. The artists will be improvising and responding to the dancer which also leads to the questioning the borders between notated or pre-arranged music and improvised music the same way the cacophony of the forest could be understood as highly structured improvisations.

Sound artist: Nikhil Nagaraj, Felix Deufel - Sound artist | Performer/Choreographer: Ronita Mookerji | Visual artist: Paul Schengber | Project Manager, Germany: Philipp Dietrich | Project Manager, India: Medha Agrawal | Dramaturg: Aruna Ganesh Ram | Lighting Design: Niranjan Gokhale

This project is part of round 8 of the International Coproduction Fund, year 2019-2020.