The Manufactures Series

  • The Manufactured Series - Duet 5 © Fabrice Mazliah
  • The Manufactured Series - Portrait Fabrice Mazliah © Dominic Mentzos
  • The Manufactured Series - Portrait Michele di Stefano © Francesca Verga

Ten Duets - Duet # 5: Michele Di Stefano and a book

Centro Cultural Conde Duque (Spain), Work of Act GbR / Fabrice Mazliah (Germany), Künstlerhaus Mousonturm (Germany)

“Manufactured” is conceived as a series of ten duets, each between a human and a nonhuman body. Dance results from this encounter between those two performers and their consecutive intertwinement.

“Manufactured” focuses on things that have a relation with the human hand in their process of coming to be. Katja Cheneva is therefore collaborating with a Thomas Wooden Radio produced in the 1980s, Tilman O’Donnel works with a German porcelain cup from the 1950s, Elpida Orfanidou enters into dialogue with a pontian lyra, a wooden instrument mainly used in the region of the Black sea. Emilia Giudicelli investigates her relationship to a fishing-rod. In “Duet # 5” Michele Di Stefano will perform with a book.

All duets of the series are shown in a very simple setting. No stage is needed. The performances involve the looks of the audience taking place among the surrounding viewers.

This project is part of round 8 of the International Coproduction Fund, year 2019-2020.