Enclosed Garden No.3

Enclosed Garden NO.3 © Celia Stroom


HEROINES WAVE is an international and interdisciplinary collective of womxn, who research and create about female intimacy through public talks, performances, exhibitions, archives and podcasts. HEROINES WAVE seeks to reimagine artistic formats for collaborative art and research to move beyond oppression and social boundaries, and to uplift women-identifying artists. Every year the collective organizes "The Enclosed Garden" in countries, where women are not free to express themselves. In its third edition, THE ENCLOSED GARDEN takes place in Thailand. This year a series of three events focus on oppression and erasure: why can’t we break the silence? What are the words that we need to say? 

Within an intensive collective residency 12 womxn artists, researchers and activists from Thailand, Germany, Georgia, Ukraine, France, Singapore and Korea are gathered. The group creates a live exhibition that invites participants to question themselves and explore female intimacies in uncanny ways. Prior to the residency, HEROINES WAVE is hosting an open talk with performances, SILENCE SPEAKS, that aims to meet the audience before the exhibition of the performance in order to then adapt their creations to them. This first event in Thailand about this topic creates a safe listening and sharing space with no designated ‘speaker’: we are all equal, all different, and all united.

2021: Thailand ARTISTIC TEAM (THAILAND 2021): YunYoung Kim (Korea), Huiying Ng (Singapore), Maria Kazvan (Ukraine), Wilawan Wiangthong (Thailand), Bussaraporn Thongchai (Thailand), Celia Stroom (France), Diane Barbé (France), Kamonlak Sukchai (Thailand), Ekaterine Makhatadze (Georgia), Theeprachan Chaichana (Thailand), Jomtian Jansomrag (Thailand) | Production management: Bussaraporn Thongchai and Diane Barbé | Artistic direction: Celia Stroom

This project is part of round 10 of the International Coproduction Fund, year 2020-2021.