• Traque (aka Drift Hunting) © Cédric BROSSARD
  • Traque (aka Drift Hunting) © Cédric BROSSARD
  • Traque (aka Drift Hunting) © Cédric BROSSARD

“Traque/Drift Hunting” is the second part of the CFA Trilogy which started with “Bolando, roi des Gitans” by Gustave Akakpo.

Hakim Bah's "Traque" is a play about conquering the wild world of the financial market. In the last thirty years, Franck has become the king of concrete. Niko, his eldest son, wants to free himself from his father's constraints and emancipate himself. Tension is build up between father and son, guns are drawn and a shooting starts. Claudie, Frank's wife and Niko's mother, is at the head of the business, which must remain family-owned at all costs. A new market is to be conquered in the New Towns of Africa: a family drama set against the backdrop of multinational corporate rivalry. Written in the form of a neo-Western, "Traque" addresses postcolonial dominance, family entanglements and capitalist exploitation with dark humour.

A text by: Hakim Bah | Staging: Cédric Brossard | With: Clément Griffault, Achille Gwem, Olivier Ho Hio Hen, Diariètou Keïta, Félix Lefebvre et Pierre-Jean Rigal – Pidj | Scenography: Charlotte Humbert et Patrick Janvier | Light creation and technical management: Étienne Morel | Production / diffusion: Marine Pinel

Supported by

  • International coproduction Fund Goethe Institut – Internationaler Koproduktionsfonds
  • Cologne District Government/ Land NRW
  • This theater show is supported by Occitanie en scène
  • Fund for professional integration L’éstba - École supérieure de théâtre Bordeaux Aquitaine - Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine

For the writing of this piece, Cie Acétés benefited from the author's companionship scheme from the DGCA – Drac Occitanie avec Hakim Bah.

The exploration of the mockup at the 2019 Univers des Mots festival benefited from the support of the Institut Français– Région Occitanie.


This project is part of round 10 of the International Coproduction Fund, year 2020-2021.