Unified voices of Banat

  • Unified voices of Banat © Nicolas Wiese

a site-specific transtraditional-contemporary music theatre by Art&Co Association in cooperation with TAN-IN طن این Music Theatre Collective Berlin

The historical region of Banat is fascinating because of its unique diversity of European cultures, which were brought together here by migration in the first centuries of the last millennium. The region represents a kind of visionary microcosm of cultural coexistence: In its ethnic composition, it can be described as a kind of "Little Europe."
The basis of our collaboration is the search for a sound language that connects cultures, far from exotic sound images, and links traditional with contemporary music. The various musical traditions of the Banat have not yet been integrated into contemporary formats. There is a need to bring a new audience into contact with the richness of traditional culture through an interdisciplinary approach.

The project deals with the current situation of social and cultural distancing.
In the performance we integrate digital forms of communication and create an analog-virtual shimmering narrative space that moves between fiction and reality.

Art&Co Association – Romania

TAN-IN طن این Music Theatre Collective - Germany

Artistic and Musical Director, Composer: Sabina Ulubeanu | Artistic and Musical Director, Singer: Claudia Van Hasselt | Artistic and Musical Director, Composer: Amen Feizabadi | Film Director, Video Supervisor: Claudiu Mitcu | Project Manager: Gabriela Tofan | PR and Communication: Oltea Zambori


This project is part of round 10 of the International Coproduction Fund, year 2020-2021.