The New Goethe-Institut App Images, Videos and Stories

A digital calling card: the Goethe-Institut app
A digital calling card: the Goethe-Institut app | Photo: Bettina Siegwart

Swipe three times, click once and take a journey along the Nile in pictures. Encounter Goethe’s Faust in the digital age in Seoul. See how life is continuing after the hurricane in the Philippines. The Goethe-Institut’s app will take you around the world with images, videos and stories.

Every day, 159 Goethe-Instituts in 98 countries facilitate cultural projects, teach the German language and convey a nuanced image of Germany. Users can navigate to every region in which the Goethe-Institut is active worldwide on the app via a 3D globe. Selected projects illustrate the local work in picture galleries or videos. Maps show where the Goethe-Instituts are located. Figures and informative texts demonstrate and explain the missions of Germany’s largest cultural mediator.  

From Sao Paulo to Kyoto

The Goethe-Institut invited the Berlin reggae combo Seeed to hold its first concert in Brazil. “We felt and saw that it works, that it comes across. I’d like most to come back again next year,” said their manager Markus Bruns in the ensuing interview. The Goethe-Instituts in the Americas offer not only German-Brazilian reggae, they are also writing a Facebook thriller, examining the globe from a southern viewpoint with scientists, philosophers and activists and organizing the largest festival of German film in North America. You can see what films are being screened there on the app.

Every region offers image galleries, videos and maps about selected projects Every region offers image galleries, videos and maps about selected projects | (Screenshot: Goethe-Institut)
Artist residencies like the Villa Kamogawa in Kyoto offer space for new perspectives. They enable artists to concentrate on their work and gather new impressions. Author Lucy Fricke was the guest of the Goethe-Institut for three months in Kyoto and reports on her experiences on the app.

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