Pulling forces of women in electronic music

  • Pulling Forces of Women in Electronic Music 1 © Ronda de Mujeres
  • Pulling Forces of Women in Electronic Music 2 © Udo Siegfried
  • Pulling Forces of Women in Electronic Music 3 © Ronda de Mujeres

Ronda de Mujeres (Uruguay), Heroines of Sound Festival (Germany), female:pressure (Germany)

Ronda de Mujeres, Heroines of Sound Festival and female:pressure designed together an innovative artistic project to build new strategies for gender practice in music.

Montevideo and Berlin evolve on two different and complementary scales.

Through workshops, talks and concerts they create a bridge between the two cities. Ronda de Mujeres will perform at the Heroines of Sound Festival in Berlin in July 2019, and in November artists* and curators from Germany will arrive in Montevideo to get to know better the local scene and inspire each other with practical workshops and discussions. The aim of this project is to activate a collaborative process to reflect on female talents and to open up new possibilities for them in electronic music. It is about creating and changing urban spaces in Berlin and Montevideo, advocating common values and reflecting the talent of women in electronic music while increasing their visibility. A joint concert evening in Montevideo with artists* from both countries concludes the process.

This project is part of round 6 of the International Coproduction Fund, year 2018-2019.