Working women / Pracujące kobiety

  • The Last Sunset © Blagovest Sotirov
  • Arbeiterinnen 2 © Silke Merzhäuser
  • Arbeiterinnen 3 © Silke Merzhäuser
  • Arbeiterinnen 4 © Silke Merzhäuser
  • Arbeiterinnen 5 © Silke Merzhäuser

Teatr Polski - w podziemiu / Polski Theatre in the Underground (Polen), werkgruppe2 (Deutschland), Ruhrfestspiele Recklinghausen, Schauspiel Essen (Deutschland)

How has the relationship between work and identity changed across families in Germany and Poland since the middle of last century up until now? How does the experience of social decline (in the demise of industrial areas) impact individual expectations and political attitudes? This theatre production follows this questions and seeks to portray women of Polish and German working-class families over three generations.

In examining these processes of transformation, this production will pursue a change of perspective in its specific mode of research and in the binational production team. Based on an interview-research in the area Ruhr and Lower Silesia, a script is formed in a verbatim transfer. The performance should also ask how actresses re-enact real persons and talk for them by leading out what responsibility means for themselves. How do I speak for someone whose positions are underrepresented, sometimes even invisible in this society?

Artistic Direction: Piotr Rudzki, Julia Roesler | Stage Direction: Julia Roesler | Dramaturgy & Project Management: Silke Merzhäuser, Piotr Rudzki | Composition: Insa Rudolph | Costume & Stage Design: Lea Dietrich, Viva Schudt | Video Design: Isabel Robson | Voice: Esra Dalfidan | Supported by: Goethe-Institut, International Coproduction Fund

This project is part of round 6 of the International Coproduction Fund, year 2018-2019.