The question is now

  • 16.11. Bernal - Universidada de Quilmes © Universidada de Quilmes
  • 17.11. BA - CCK ©
  • 18.11. BA Jazz Festival - Usina del Arte ©
  • 23.11. Tandil - UNICEN ©

Valentin Garvie (Argentina), Jazzfestival Buenos Aires (Argenitina), Rudi Mahall (Germany), Etienne Nillesen (Germany)

Imagine a silent, empty room to be filled with sound... A vacuum, an open question, which asks for a response NOW. Imagine a music that answers the present calls. A room full of time for ideas to develope, for plans to accomplish... or reject. A think-tank, a work-shop, a space to share, brainstorm and reflect. And a rare opportunity for a profound intercultural conflation to be performed. THE QUESTION IS NOW is a music coproduction in the field of contemporary music and Jazz. Three Argentinian and three German Jazz intend to find new answers and implement their diverse South-American and European backgrounds into a current musical language. After an extended rehearsal phase in Buenos Aires, this music production will be presented in several concerts.

Trumpet: Valentin Garvie | Piano: Ernesto Jodos | Double Bass: Martin Delassaletta, Sebastian Gramss | Clarinet: Rudi Mahall | Drums & Preparations: Etienne Nillsen | Supported by: Goethe-Institut, International Coproduction Fund

This project is part of round 6 of the International Coproduction Fund, year 2018-2019.