Maria in Search of Meaning (again)

Yulia Mestechkin (Israel), Evgeni Mestetschkin (Germany)

Maria is a young woman living in the hip Tel Aviv. Looking at her, one could never guess that she grew up in a very strict ultra-Orthodox community in Israel, which she left 10 years ago. Since then she has been a religious settler, wrote for a marijuana legalization magazine, spent almost a year under house arrest, studied acting, tried hundreds of different jobs and read thousands of books. But deep in her heart she still longs for a Shabbat she grew up with. She invites the public both in Israel and in Germany to celebrate Shabbat with her. Everybody in the audience will be her personal guest. Together they will prepare a traditional meal, learn traditional songs and customs. Over the meal Maria, joined by an actor, a musician and a choreographer, will share her stories and get her guests engaged in a dialog over identity, place of religion and freedom.

Text & Direction: Yulia Mestechkin, Evgeni Mestetschkin | Choreography: Michael Getman | Performance: Yulia Mestechkin, Maria Estraicher, Benjamin-Lew Klon, Michael Getman | Light: Uri Rubinstein | Supported by: Goethe-Institut (International Coproduction Fund), Hamburg Ministry of Culture and Media

This project is part of round 6 of the International Coproduction Fund, year 2018-2019.