Yambi – Our House Is Your House

  • Yambi – Our House Is Your House Photo by Chris Shongo

Wilfried Luzele Vuvu (Lova Lova) (Democratic Republic of the Congo), Acud Macht Neu (Germany), Matti Schulz (Germany)

"Yambi – Our House Is Your House" is a short residence, a friendly takeover, a laboratory, a happening. Yambi aims at strengthening and expanding the bonds between the Kinshasa and Berlin urban art scenes. Four artists and performers from Kinshasa will travel to Berlin for a 3 week residency. Together with Berlin-based artists, they will form an intercultural collective that “floods” the Kunsthaus ACUD with its creativity and that develops, over the course of three weeks, an interdisciplinary programme that centres around a joint music performance. The residency also extends to a “digital takeover” of Acud’s social media channels by the collective. Envisioned parallel activities in Berlin are film programmes, networking sessions, and an exhibition. In Kinshasa a closing performance and a parallel photo and video exhibition will take place.

Co-production: Wilfried Luzele Vuvu (Lova Lova), Johannes Braun (Acud Macht Neu), Matti Schulz | Artists: Orakle Ngoy, Chris Shongo, Lucille de Witte, Henrike Naumann, Wilfried Luzele Vuvu, Matti Schulz | Ton & Licht: Philipp Hülsenbeck | Press & Communication: Lukas Dubro | Support from: Goethe-Institut, International Co-productionsfund

This project is part of round 6 of the International Coproduction Fund, year 2018-2019.