A Musical Oral History Performance for Children

  • Colonialism - A Musical Oral History © Goethe-Institut/ Julian Manjahi
  • Colonialism WANGARI GRACE © Molenje Namunyu
  • Colonialism SVEN KACIREK © Molenje Namunyu

Wangari Grace and Sven Kacirek strongly believe that a profound knowledge on colonialism and its effects is absolutely necessary to understand today´s political and sociological correlations in a global context.

School kids in Kenya and Germany shared that colonialism was only mentioned in passing This is why Grace and Kacirek decided to work on a musical oral history performance for children aged 12 years or older based on the colonial era between 1870 and 1970. They will be explicitly focussed on African perspectives on colonialism.

Storytelling as a performance format in the given context is an obvious choice to Grace and Kacirek, because oral tradition had been the most popular performance technique on the African continent in order to convey knowledge from one generation to the next before the colonial powers took over.

Storytelling: Wangari Grace | Music: Sven Kacirek

This project is part of round 9 of the International Coproduction Fund, year 2020.