BONES RISING is the result of diverse experiences from the field of storytelling performances. The Namibian folktale "Human Bones" serves as a starting point for further development into a participatory and multimedia performance. Using physical theater, sound design, stills, motion visuals and augmented reality techniques, a contemporary form of storytelling emerges.

BONES RISING is an interdisciplinary collaboration of Namibian, German, Zimbabwean and Cameroonian artists. The interaction of technically innovative and participatory interfaces, characterizes the production of the audience-friendly and low-threshold storytelling techniques. Themes of cross-societal trauma such as Genocide, Slavery, Poverty, and Displacement are addressed to tackle fundamental historical ignorance that continues to reinforce them. (BONES RISING has a special focus on children and young people between the ages of 8 and 16, making transnationally visible the use of new media technologies in performance art).

Executive Producer and Storyteller: VM Borns Stars Productions CC Namibia representative Veronique Mensah | 
Co- Producer, Artistic Director and Sound Designer: Arch Indigo Groups Zimbabwe representative Nyasha Joshua Kuchekana-Chirau-Chirau | Co- Producer, Augmented Reality Designer and Financial Manger of the Overall Production: Urban Dialogues Germany representative Stefan Horn | Co-Producer and Technical Manager: Avante Scene Cameroon representative Valery Ebouele

This project is part of round 9 of the International Coproduction Fund, year 2020.