• KAMENOZOKI - Jun Sagawa ©
  • KAMENOZOKI - Lara Letzel ©

Kame - nozoki refers to the very pale blue that is produced when dyeing textiles with the indigo plant and denotes the first touch, the very first appearance of indigo in the dye tub. This first trace of an idea, a vision is the basis for a project that is changing at the interface between concert and theatre and is intended to bring together the organist Jun Sagawa and the Noh - singer Ryoko Aoki under the direction of Lea Letzel. The performance will take place in the chapel of Doshisha Elementary and High School in Kyoto (Japan) and the Kunst - Station St. Peter in Cologne (Germany).

Artistic direction: Lea Letzel, Jun Sagawa | Musical direction: Jun Sagawa, Lea Letzel, Florian Zwißler | Violin: Akiko Ahrendt | Analogue synthesizer: Florian Zwißler | Voice/ Vocals: Ryoko Aoki | Staging: Lea Letzel | Production Manager Japan: Aya Aoshima (JP) | Production management Germany: Littlebit GmbH (D) | Technical management: Littlebit GmbH (D)

This project is part of round 9 of the International Coproduction Fund, year 2020.